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About PretaWeb

PretaWeb specialises in the provision and support of high availability, scalable, CMS dedicated and cloud solutions built with Plone open source technology. We’ve been servicing government agencies, corporations and non-profit organisations since 2004. With a proven track record, PretaWeb has successfully implemented and support numerous major IT deployments such as shared (cloud) web services, high availability emergency services websites, multi-national intranets and super-agency government portals. In recent years our focus has been on reducing duplication in government using open source and cloud technologies.

Our aim is to make your online presence reach its full potential. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, innovative and cost effective web design and development to every client utilising the latest technologies and design concepts. We are passionate about reducing duplication by using cloud technologies when delivering Government 2.0

In addition to cutting edge technology and effective design services, PretaWeb works closely with Government and Enterprise to develop and implement strategies on the use of new media. The objective is to build great services and experiences for collaboration and knowledge sharing to deeply engage communities.

At PretaWeb our reputation is built on providing value for money, standards compliance, ensuring security, reliability and of course, exceptional service.

High performance

We’ll manage multi-server clusters with load balancing and regular optimisations such as cache and memory tuning with database maintenance will ensure top performance from your website.


Hosting requirements can vary dramatically depending on situations like emergencies or peak hour traffic. PretaWeb manages rapid deployments of horizontal application clusters, this means that new machines can be brought into the cluster as the website grows in popularity or demand.


While creating robust, flexible sites that scale up for growth, we can also shrink the resources quickly back down when no longer needed so you’re not paying for unused resources.

High availability with built-in redundancy

Rest assured that your business critical websites are powered by a network architecture that is redundant at the application and database level across multiple servers in one or better still two physically separate data centres.