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Open Source

Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process. This results in more secure and better quality code. Open source will deliver the following benefits over proprietary software:

No Licensing Costs

This means the code is free to use. This provides you with far better value for money then using closed source or proprietary software packages as the money you save on licence fees can be used for more functionality, customisations or integration work.

Out of the box solutions are significantly less expensive then the equivalent proprietry option.

But open source is much more than just saving you license fees……

Reliability & security
It protects your business through better security as flaws, when existing, are transparent. They are then identified and rectified quickly by global teams of developers. Similarly bugs are addressed with rapid fixes.

A whole ecosystem of plug-ins future-proof you from outgrowing a limited proprietary platform.

With open source you are not locked in with a particular vendor leading to over-dependency. It protects your investment by giving you a worldwide network of developers to choose from.

Open source collaboration means improvements come from those who actually use the product, resulting in faster, more efficient innovation.

PretaWeb is a premium sponsor to the Plone Foundation and the team is highly active in the Plone Community by contributing code, presenting at the annual conference and with financial support. We use only Open Source tools for our development, support and maintenance services, as we believe this will provide the best solutions for our clients.