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Multi-site management

Multi-site deployments save time and money for government agencies or businesses that need to centrally manage numerous websites while appearing to end-users as separate websites. Multi-site solutions conveniently allows all management accounts and multiple sites to exist in a single database.

The following items only need to be done once for each change across all sites:

  • Software upgrades;
  • Common content publishing;
  • Plug-in installations;
  • Security updates;
  • Content manager login;
  • Deployment of common functionality or design elements.

Plone can provide multi-site solutions almost out-of-the-box, so it’s a cost effect implementation compared to many other content management systems. A single Plone instance will run any number of multi-sites, each with their own look-and feel, different navigations, different portlets, separate internal search, separate workflows and permissions, and separate user dashboards.