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Flexible, secure, supported.

Why use Plone?

Plone is a mature, feature rich open source content management system that. Since its inital release in 2001, Plone has grown into one of the largest and most dynamic open source projects in the world.

Plone is a fully openly developed, open source content management system providing powerful web solutions for government, business and non-profits. In addition to websites that are easy to update, Plone’s flexibility allows for the development of intranet and extranet servers, document publishing systems, portal servers and as a tool for collaboration between separately located users. Plone is built on the powerful and free Zope application server.

Plone is not owned by one company. The product is owned by the Plone Foundation but Plone is developed by the ecosystem of Plone companies and individuals all over the world. By implementing a Plone solution you can benefit from the collective talent of the Plone Community.

Plone is fully supported.

Plone is a model example of an open development community, there are thousands of active developers who contribute to the code and hundreds of companies in 57 countries that specialise in Plone development and support.

Plone is secure.

Plone is built with security in mind at every level of it's architecture and has the lowest occurrence of critical security incidences of any major CMS.

Plone is feature rich.

Plone is a ready to run content management system. While most content management systems will let any employee edit a page, Plone can do much more – it’s unique object oriented database combined with advanced workflow allows for enormous flexible solutions ranging from document repositories, knowledge bases, wikis, CRM,  online communities, mashups and semi-structured data.

Special features give Plone the edge:

  • Plone is easy to use. The Global Plone Team includes usability experts who have made Plone easy and attractive for non-technical content managers to add, update, and maintain content.
  • Plone is international. The Plone interface has more than 35 translations, and tools exist for managing multilingual content.
  • Plone is standard. Plone carefully follows standards for usability and accessibility. This is an essential part of search engine optimisation thus increasing your chance of higher rankings.

What does Plone offer?

Content Management

  • Manage content from any web browser (even mobile phone browsers).


  • Edit the site using a web browser interface, no HTML knowledge needed.


  • Built in workflow for editorial approval before publication of content.

Content Types

  • Comes with content types for common cases: news items, events, links, documentations, and more.


  • Built-in fast, flexible search engine
  • General search or specific searches (only on title, category, author, etc.)
  • New search indexes can easily be added


  • Authorised users can access private members areas.

Search engine optimised out of the box

  • Key features of Plone make it search engine friendly

Data Storage for Intranets

  • Data is stored in built-in object database
  • Users add content, managers manage. Letting users edit and add content lets them feel ownership towards the intranet, and encourages content production.
  • Content is all fully searchable including stored PDFs, Word, Excel files.


  • Rich security model to provide flexibility and simplicity for common cases.


  • Plone provides tools for managing multilingual content.

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