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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Potential customers are looking for information about your services and products. To project the right impression your website needs to be up-to-date, fresh and informative. Our Plone CMS systems easily allow you to make your website an invaluable marketing and communications tool because:
  • Text and images can be easily updated by non-technical staff using any computer connected to the Internet, without the need for expensive web editing software.
  • News or events promoting your products or services can be published regularly.
  • Articles relating to your business can be published often; new content could improve your Google rankings.

Plone's advanced content management capabilities, proven security record and ability to integrate easily with other systems and web services gives you a flexible, secure and stable foundation for any large scale website. Built on Zope, Plone and written in Python, the system is fully compliant with open standards and international accessibility standards, Plone lets you integrate any and all of any business applications, from ERP suites to CRM systems. As a platform it allows for many content editors and complex workflows.