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PretaCloud - the community gCloud for web services

PretaCloud is a community government cloud. It allows super departments or local government to offer multiple websites across multiple agencies. It's cost effective, guarantees data sovereignty and facilitates procurement.


    Procurement issues for government

    The way that governments, be it Local, State or Federal/Central, traditionally purchase web solutions has resulted in hundreds of small, separate platforms operating across an expanse of disconnected, siloed departments. This is usually costly. In addition agencies are not able to quickly procure web solutions such as mobile sites quickly due to procurement processes and the setup time required to implement a single web solution from scratch. Finally agencies usually are not able to access free trial sites to experiment with before committing time and resources to an official project.

    Security and control of government data in public clouds

    Governments have started to consider Cloud services offering SaaS and PaaS as it saves time and money on procurement, development and managing IT resources. Agencies can concentrate on online delivery of public services while outsourcing the technology.

    However, a major concern for Governments is data sovereignty and data security. With most Cloud solutions there is no certain visibility of physically where the servers are located. In addition if data is handed over to third parties, governments could be locked out of their own files and privacy issues can also arise. Government agencies are however, comfortable sharing with other agencies in their jurisdiction.

    These are the issues that the PretaCloud solution addresses.

    A PretaCloud will:

    • Reduce duplication.
    • Provide guaranteed availability.
    • Expand and shrink with flexible scalability.
    • Be secure and web standards compliant.
    • Ensure data sovereignty and control.


    • Reduced support and maintenance costs via a shared services model.
    • Open development model allows deployment and support of other vendor’s code.
    • Data is owned and controlled by the government agencies, not the service provider.
    • Open source makes open data projects rapid and cheap.
    • Lower total cost of ownership with NIL licence fees.
    • Lets you move your solution easily with a no vendor lock-in policy.
    • Allows you to try before committing with point and click assembly free trial sites.

    What is included:

    • Setup and configuration of a multi-server cluster.
    • High grade data centre hosting or management of your preferred hoster be it in-house or external, within your jurisdiction.
    • Comprehensive 1st and 2nd level support services including priority one, 24 x 7 coverage.
    • Commercial maintenance covering resource monitoring, cache tuning, security patching and performance analysis.
    • Installation, support and maintenance of the open source platform stack including: Linux, Nginx, Varnish, Zope and Plone.
    • Compliance with W3C accessibility standards.
    • Application redundancy.

    Read this case study from the NSW Department of Finance and Services.

    Contact us for information about a free trial site for your government jurisdiction.