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PretaCloud - the community gCloud for web services

PretaCloud is a community government cloud. It allows super departments or local government to offer multiple websites across multiple agencies. It's cost effective, guarantees data sovereignty and facilitates procurement.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Potential customers are looking for information about your services and products. To project the right impression your website needs to be up-to-date, fresh and informative. Our Plone CMS systems easily allow you to make your website an invaluable marketing and communications tool because:

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Intranets and Collaboration Tools

Larger organisations can run more efficiently by allowing employees to share, store and view information from a single web based access point.

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Extranets and Online Communities

Businesses and non-profit organisation can create online communities by allowing customers, members, vendors or investors to view/contribute information at a single web based access point.

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A portal guides visitors to other web-based content or applications. Plone provides an ideal portal platform for content aggregation from various data sources due to its open standards compliance and flexible architecture.

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