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High availability, CMS cloud, multi-site web specialists

High performance sites

To ensure maximum up-time our experienced technologists configure and manage redundant network architecture, efficient caching, zero down-time deployments, all with elastic hosting resources that scales up and down on demand. All built on secure open source web stacks.

High performance

Multi-site Management

Ensure efficient use of resources with a single solution to manage multiple sites. Save time by installing plug-ins and publishing common content across all sites, once only. PretaWeb can deploy such single code base solutions with Plone a leading open source CMS that excels in this capability.



is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Content Management System (CMS) for government websites. PretaGov lets you focus on the content while we look after software and servers. It's powered by the world's most secure open source CMS.


Plone CMS

Plone is an ideal solution for websites, intranets and portals. With hundreds of open source add-on products available such as blogs, collaboration tools, forums and calendaring, Plone will meet all your requirements.

Plone CMS

Plone Support

To ensure your business critical Plone websites or intranets are performing, PretaWeb provides reliable, expert support and maintenance services. Our 24x7 help desk is standing by for when you need us.

Plone Support

Accessibility Compliance

PretaWeb recognises the legal and social importance of accessiblity compliance, subsequently all our web solutions meet WC3's WCAG's standards for sight, hearing, cognitive and motor impaired individuals.